Why Not the ITCCS — An Answer to Pamjit’

Yes, finally someone with some common sense; we are first-hand witness to the fakery of Mr Annett; he is a fraud; and, we have many other witnesses;

He is highly intelligent; he had the Canadian Indian case in the bag; then he “bungled” it; his sole motive was to destroy customary and common law, not develop it; Canada, Ireland, Holland, Southern Africa;

His fake arrest warrants on the pope merely bought them all time; but, then we busted him, but no-one paid attention until Alfred got the whiff;

Thanks Kevin for strengthening our resolve; in peace

Maine Republic Email Alert

 Sorry it has taken a while to get through my email roster and reply to your plea regarding Kevin Annett and his work.

I became suspicious of Kevin and his motives when, about three years after he broke the story about genocide at Indian Residential Schools in Canada, he still hadn’t come up with any hard evidence to back up all that he was saying and he inexplicably changed his attack from a logical complaint against ALL the various churches and groups that had allegedly participated in these atrocities to a single-minded concentration on the Roman Catholic Church.

Surely, my own complaints about and to the Roman Catholic Church stand as testimony to my own dissatisfaction with their operations, and particularly that of the office of the Roman Pontiff, so that nobody need wonder where I stand on criticizing the church which allows this…

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