Lawful and Legal: Why You Need to Know What They Mean

Thanks David, just goes to show what an evil language “English” is; a language of the Latinus; crafty, deceitful, full of snares and traps;

¶¶ THE BOOKE OF THE Prophet Ifaiah. ÇHAP. XXXII.
7 The instruments also of the churle are euill: he deuiseth wicked deuices, to destroy the poore with lying wordes, euen when the needie speaketh right.

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*  Knowing the difference between the words lawful and legal can one day free your mind and soul from the illusion of the Matrix. The word lawful is related to Natural Law (God’s Law). It is used to communicate things of substance. The word legal is related to laws created by man and is used to communicate things of form.
*  In simpler terms, something that is lawful is of substance so it is real. On the other hand, something that is legal is of form so it appears to be real. In other words, the word legal deals with fictional things. A fictional thing is not real and therefore it is DEAD.
*  One of the ways they secretly tell you that you are playing the role of a dead character is the all caps name. Hence, the name in all caps on tombstones. You can…

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