Another Good Rant Against The Liars At NASA

He He, thanks Ron; we needed to have a good chuckle for breakfast; this guy is classic; love his style;

surprised NASA is not sending a probe to their Uranus in search of life; operation “highjump”, “fishbowl” and now “footprint”? Are we are not rats in a glass tank? What if, one day the projector lights fail and we see the whole “lab” around us, the “scientists”, the whole nine yards?… eek

Is it then not logical to deduce that NASA is “working with” the “scientists”? Or, is this all part of a “soft” disclosure?
Or, if they are indeed in the dark then why not spills the beans and ask humanity for the money to find out the truth?

They doomfully claim that the whole truth will collapse government and religion; we say codswollop; we are a religious man; the Book of Enoch and others tell us there are many heavens and many gods; yet, all of Creation can only have One Source; the Native Americans call it The Great Mystery; knowledge only makes us realise how little we know and how much BIGGER Creation really is; in peace

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