Donald Trump Says America is Not Innocent

Bravo, finally one honest American willing to face the truth; and, you know what, dear America it is you, the Pax Amerikana people who keep voting these warmongers into power;

Ask yourself, is the blood of millions of people not also on your hands? in peace

Counter Information

Donald Trump did something this week that was so brave and so true that he needs a medal.  Seriously, a medal.  The new president daily speaks truth to lies.  He is like the little boy in, Hans Christian Anderson’s, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.  The emperor has been conned into thinking he is wearing the most beautiful garments…

“Yet there are fundamental moral and legal differences between Russia and America. Russian forces act with utter disregard for the laws of war. American forces go beyond the requirements of the laws of war to safeguard innocent life. Russia is acting on behalf of a genocidal tyrant, seeking to extend his reign. America acted to depose a genocidal tyrant, terminating his rule. America had just legal cause for war in Iraq – Saddam Hussein violated Gulf War cease-fire agreements and U.N. resolutions while continually shooting at American pilots and trying to kill an…

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Says America is Not Innocent

  1. Wait, am I reading this correctly?
    Is trump being offered a medal?
    A medal for what?

    Officials and executives can, and will say anything – but what they DO is another.
    Why hasn’t Trump lifted the economic sanctions on Syria and Russia?
    Why hasn’t Trump ended the drone and airstrikes?
    I can list a hundred whys but the point is look at what they DO, and ignore what they say.

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