SHOCKING: U.S. Gov Negative Net Worth

He he, thanks Ron;

Now, the entire global Ponzi scheme that we call banking is operating under revolving foreclosure bankruptcy, right? This means money is a debit and not a credit;

So, if the debit start’s exceeding itself, then is it not a credit? 🙂

Maybe this is the remedy for the Ponzi scheme? Mismanage the negative economy to the point where minus one minus three is plus 1;

Makes no sense, doesn’t it? just like money; in peace

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2017 Predictive Programming From 1987 Movie "The Running Man"

Screen capture from 1987 Movie: The Running Man.

– De-dollarization –
Simon Black, aka “Sovereign Man“, discussed the shocking negative trend of the U.S. Federal Government. Yes, once it is accepted that unlike a commercial business the government is never allowed to earn a profit, so their net worth should remain at or below zero.
Since the U.S. government went off the Bretton Woods Agreement (refusing to redeem U.S. dollars for gold bullion) during the Nixon years the negative trend has become shocking!
Are You Ready For Monetary Reform? ~Ron


More unbelievable facts from the U.S. government’s own financial reports

  • U.S. federal government released annual financial report; the final U.S. Financial Report of the Obama Administration.
  • The government’s “net loss” in fiscal year 2016 more than doubled, from MINUS $467 billion to MINUS $1 trillion.
  • They should be awarded some special Nobel Prize…

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