Can you really call it a loan when the money came from a thief?

Well said, thank you; of course the biggest fraud is UCC fraud; the loan is created by means of money of exchange aka bills of exchange; and, then they claim against money-of-account, peoples’ money; these two money systems must be separated; that’s where the ’32-’33 Glass-Steagall acts come in;

Hoever, the biggest lie of all is the BAR legal system; the banks and bar are foreign entities of a feudal system; they operate under law-of-the-sea; they have no jurisdiction on republican lands or any land, for that matter; up until 200 nautical miles from the shore; the law of the sea is merely commercial transactions between legal fictions, having no parity with the tangible; they use semantic deceit under color of law to garner semblances of consent; thereby committing barratry [piracy] and personage;

In layman’s terms, they get you to agree that the document mentioning a fictitious “address” is your tangible property; and, then take it away; also, under their feudal system the title deed names one as “tenant”, not “owner”; the scams are vast;

Common sense dictates to remove the divided bar; we need community courts without the legal fiction; without any bar member; ask yourself, how can we have a feudal system ruling over sovereign people? Unless of course we were vassals all along;

To echo Jefferson, we need to restore the power of banking back into the hands of the people where it rightfully belongs;

Conclusion: community banks and courts will solve most of our woes; in peace

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The banks were not taking risks. They were making risks and profiting from them. Or another way of looking at it is that with their superior knowledge they were neither taking nor making risks; instead they were creating the illusion of risk when the outcome was virtually certain.

Securitization as practiced by Wall Street and residential “mortgage” loans is not just a void assignment. It is a void loan and an enterprise based completely on steering all “loans” into failure and foreclosure.

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Perhaps this summary might help some people understand why bad loans were the object of lending instead of good loans. The end result in the process was always to steer everyone into foreclosure.


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