Taking Action Against An Evil System

Dear people,

We are addressing the United Churches of Southern Africa, the Indigenous Peoples of Southern Africa, Aotearoa and elsewhere; however, this is for the 99%

What we all want is equality, freedom, life and autonomy; self-determination and self-governance; the right to be left alone and not enslaved;

There have been meetings over the last few weeks and everyone is on board; so, this is the action plan framework; if, we are to make this work we need all hands on deck; so, please read this carefully; and, help where you can;


Why are we doing what we do?

It all boils down to the age old battle of good versus evil; and, of good always prevailing in the end; in these evil times the very self-preservation of Life in all its forms and of the natural earth is at stake;

Necessity obligates us to make a stand and face the beast head on; even against our will; we have no choice; we are peacing for our very lives;

In the words of that great soul:

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless and corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness.” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Moral and Ethics:

We have lost our way; instead of listening to the natural law written in our hearts, we have become morally and ethically corrupt; and, our governments are merely a reflection of our greed and hunger for false power;

One Law:

Everyone must be able to know the law; there is only one law:

: “Do no harm; cause no loss; let freedom reign”

5 Ethics:

If, we can observe these 5 basic ethics in all we do: Truth, Integrity, Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency;

Then, dear people, will we live in peace and harmony;



  • The highest authority lies with the people; the 99%
  • Our freedom lies in our differences;
  • No-one wants to be governed by the rules of another;
  • Every self-identifying community has the right of self-determination; be they Church, Indigenous People, Credit Clubs, etc.
  • Everyone wants World Peace!!!


The new world order wants the opposite:

  • to remove all notions of people sovereignty
  • to turn all peoples and their private property into property of the elite;
  • to homogenise religion, beliefs, everything; makes imposing their rules easy;
  • to turn all peoples into insolvent debt-slaves;
  • to turn all peoples and the earth into “resources” for 0,1 % elite;
  • to use the 1% greedy & power hungry to sell the 99% down the river;
  • a global de-population agenda; robots and tech make people redundant;
  • World War III is profitable; the elite banksters fund both sides of the war;







Our Background:

Who we are is not important; what we have done is posted on the websites provided herein; we are merely the collective voice of the awake and informed people; there have been whistle-blowers throughout the ages;

Today, the internet has made research much easier; and, alternative media is growing because more and more people are no longer buying mainstream media lies; people are waking up as Gallup polls are showing;

However, all thanks goes to the people who showed faith and donated, since we began this journey of freedom in 2013;


Q: What are the key problems?

A: Banks and BAR legal system;

Q: What are the remedies?

A: Community Banks and Community Courts;


It sounds hard; but, most of the legwork has already been done by others; and, we are calling experts to assist us in the practicalities;

What we present here is the sum total of 22 000 hours of research into what experts in every field say;


What is the Truth?

In a nutshell:

  • the current system of governance is not based on the will of we, the people;
  • an evil system is keeping artificial man-made poverty in place;
  • Banksters work hand-in-hand with BAR legal system to rob the people;
  • governments are not protecting the people, but exploiting them;
  • the 1% are getting richer and the 99% poorer;
  • Imperial capitalism shows no regard for people sovereignty;
  • predatory capitalism is destroying the natural earth, our home;
  • The UN is the 7 imperial nations; imposing their feudal laws on sovereign nations; using force of law-of-war to subdue objecting nations;
  • a threat to world peace;
  • The 99% of every country are being sold down the river;


Self-preservation – the self-preservation of our families and friends and future generations is at stake;




The authority and power lies with we, the people; we are the remedy; If, we remain silent we consent to the evil that befalls us;

Vote Of No Confidence Campaign –

Let your voice be heard:

  • with 100 000 wet ink signatures we can change constitutions;


Truth and Reconciliation Commission –

  • demand an investigation into the banking system and BAR legal system;


And, try and get our public servants on our side; after all, this is for their freedom too;

All we need to do is to educate them on who the 0,1% are; and, that they are working for them and should be working for the 99%; and, what they can do to save their country and people;


Community Courts –

  • superior living jurisdiction over enacted law-of-the-sea;
  • un-enacted law-of-the-land is superior to law-of-the-sea;
  • people are all accountable as living peers before a jury or public hearing;
  • there is no regard for personhood, be they bankers or judges;
  • The law-of-the-sea has no jurisdiction over people or the land;
  • Restore law-of-the-land; remove divided BAR;
  • abolish law-of-the-sea back to 200 nautical miles from shores;
  • Education – study material for lay officials; restorative justice; trial by jury, public hearing, oversight committees, tribunals, TRCs,


Community Banks

  • develop community banks, barter, exchanges, Savings & Credit Co-Ops; and develop alternative models;



The first committee is the Peoples Earth Council Committee of which brother-thomas is administrator along with 4 others who have some years of experience in this field of judicial activism;

Every Church and Tribe and Community to use the same methods of fund-raising to start their own committees who we will then train; all updates for committees will be posted at: https://peoplesearthcouncil.wordpress.com/committees/

Weekly meetings will continue from this week on Zoom [ http://zoom.us/ ]

Follow the blog to get all updates;



Today, all groups get sidelined by ‘Iscariots’ who come with funding from the elite foundations; and, they use money as the tool to divide and herd the ignorant back into the new world order herd;

Make sure the funding is from a moral and ethical group; be wise as serpents and investigate all “saviours”; ask for information;


If, you do know of any sources where grants are available, please do forward to us; we have an international lawyer on board that is an expert at unlocking grant monies;


We believe the funding can also come from the people while we educate them;

  • TruthNews DVDs – e.g. distributors can network street corner vendors;
  • Presentations – The Law and Your Rights – Do presentations for donations;
  • Stickers – we have a range of educational bumper stickers;



A Monthly DVD series – TruthNews No.1 available;

For example: R50 retail per DVD – R15 cost + R5 postage; R10 to PEC Fund; R10 to distributor; R10 to vendor; this will pay the way for committees;

  • Blowing the whistle on Banking, Capitalism, Environment, Health, Law, NWO, Your Rights,
  • +- 8 documentaries +- 4hours;
  • Most people ARE NOT ON THE INTERNET!
  • BUT, most have access to a TV & DVD player;
  • To watch over internet costs +- R300 in airtime;
  • R30 donation per DVD goes to PEC committee fund;
  • Vendors welcome;


Street vendors – uniforms, bill boards, stickers, DVDs available;

Education “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”


Power Point Presentations:

To achieve our goals we must educate and inform the mass of the people!

  • Now, you can get involved and spread the word too;

PP Presentations on DVD:

  • Monthly updated editions;
  • Same donation structure as TruthNews DVD;
  • R10 per DVD; goes to PEC fund; vendors welcome
  • A brief overview of every page at https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/
  • Choose your menu of 2 or 3 topics;
  • Presentations also in MP3 Video format with voice-over for watching;
  • Translations into local languages is important;

Presenters are to educate and to promote VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE campaign



  • A National Referendum – 50 000 wet ink autographs can change the Constitution;
  • 1 Million Campaign – change the outcome of the elections;


  • We, the People Party – vote in a new peoples; order in 2018; autonomy and self-governance; THE PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN!


Educational links:

Giftoftruth – A full investigation into the corrupt system, the law and your rights;

find a brief introduction to every page at: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/faqs/


abaThembu Royal Kingdom – one of the first to declare self-determination:



Peoples Earth Council – Uniting peoples in one voice!!!

While respecting each other’s natural right to autonomy and self-determination; we hope to hear from you;


Peoples Earth Council Committee



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