UN Boss Demands Youth Impose UN’s Agenda 2030 “Master Plan” on Humanity

The future looks grim; the UN is the antichrist; the lords of war of an ancient feudal system transliterated since sumeria; their royalty, merchants and priests run their countries from behind corporate governments; 7 nations together with 100 times more nuclear warheads than 165 peaceful nations; they already claim to have jurisdiction over earth, its laws, resources, everything;

They have already started the Great War of revelations 9:16 ; 20 million soldiers will go into this war; of every country against its civilians;

Now, the human brain is easily programmable; the poor, poor youth are functionally illiterate; their roles models are animations; they live in a cyber A.I. matrix; total mind-control; a zombie apocalypse; no practical skills, no interest in the natural world; lobotomised, pacified and ready for trans-humanism; pray hard for a solar flare, dear people; it’s our only chance to at least save some natural people and some natural earth; otherwise, in a generation from now, there will be nothing natural left; nothing;

These are evil times, dear people; our very self-preservation is at stake; prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically, if you want to live and, if you want natural future generations; yes, there is a new earth waiting, but only the fittest will go through the eye of the needle; peace be with you

Reclaim Our Republic

Jan 31, 2017 by  Alex Newman

UN Boss Demands Youth Impose UN's Agenda 2030 “Master Plan” on Humanity

Echoing the language used by critics of the controversial global scheme, the president of the United Nations General Assembly has started referring to the UN Agenda 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs, as the “master plan for humanity.” Speaking to a UN summit for “youth” this week, top UN leaders all demanded that children worldwide be indoctrinated and conscripted to help impose the UN’s extreme vision on humanity. But as awareness of the UN plot grows, criticism is growing in tandem.

The totalitarian global plan, adopted by the governments and dictators of the world over a year ago, has also been referred to by top UN officials as the world’s “Declaration of Interdependence,” with the UN being touted as the (unelected) “Parliament of Humanity.” Dictators and even genocidal mass-murderers around the world continue to express delight about the plot, expecting massive subsidies…

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