40 Men Control the Planet: It’s Trump and You vs. Everyone Else

Is the current system of governance in ANY country based on the will of the people? the answer is a resounding NO!!!

Why not? Because it is a feudal, imperial, hierarchical system; it is the same ruling descendants of the kings, merchants and priests of Europe pulling the strings, ALL FAMIGLIA, and, they rule the 7 major nations from the shadows, they are the UN; the NWO; and, come from the OWO; they tell 166 nation corporate governments what to do; or, to say to their people;

All elected officials are the 1 % greedy and power hungry from among us; who will sell the 99% down the river for peanuts; it is the same two-headed turkey, people; only now, one has a toupe;

As long as feudalism is in place and we cling to old charters and constitutions that do not serve the 99%, the people will continue to be bled dry; the US relies on Mexican labour; what is the plan, behind the wall, then? Robot workers? This wall spells the death knell for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the 99% on both sides of the wall…

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