Cousin Bubba — Call-Out to Serious Historical Researchers

Yes, it is all fake; and, by assumed and presumed authority; we live in a cult of personality wherein the fiction rules the tangible; and, this non-entity is hell bent on destroying the tangible; this, dear people is the very core and essence of Satanism;

And, if we are to unmask the beast then we must by necessity unite in one single action; the world does not only revolve around America; in peace

Maine Republic Email Alert

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I have groups of serious historical researchers working with me from all over the world, now, and that’s great— but this morning we are all being called upon to consider a question of such gravity that it requires asking for even more help from more people, indeed, for everyone on the planet to get involved to whatever extent is practical.
Here is what has surfaced over the past few years of prodding and poking at the BEAST— the Belgian Electronic Asset System.  To begin getting a handle on this, read the following reprint of a Lexology news blurb from three and a half years ago:
Belgium June 6, 2013
On Thursday 30 May, the Belgian Parliament approved the overhaul of the Belgian legislation on security interests in movable assets
Under the new legislation, an electronic National Pledge Register will be…

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