Italy – A Staged Referendum, Another Parliamentary Coup in the Making

Is it not time the 99% hold their own referendum? As to who should be making decisions for the people? Is it not time for a Peoples Earth Council?

Counter Information

Global Research, December 09, 2016

Mr. Matteo Renzi, Italy’s Prime Minister, from the center-left Democratic Party (PD), just resigned after losing his initiated Constitutional Referendum. He knew that the referendum would not pass. He made it look like a ’vote of (non)-confidence’ in himself.

Whether the Referendum is good or bad for Italy is a side issue. It has much larger implications. Although it is not directly visible, the Referendum has to do with preventing an ITALEXIT – exit from the euro, and exit from the European Union and possibly questioning Italy’s role in NATO. 

It has been used to dupe people into believing that they are actually voting democratically for a Constitutional Reform that would take power away from the Senate, reducing it from 315 to 100 seats and transferring much of its power (representing Italy’s Regions), to the National Assembly (representing the people). It is…

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