Blood Diamonds: More than One Fifth of Diamonds Sold Worldwide are Funding Bloodshed and Violence

Blood diamonds are the perfect gift for Christmas; why do we say this? Because “Christmas” it is an ancient pagan time of human blood sacrifice which continues to this day; humanity is being controlled by these evil satanic rituals year after year;

Ask yourself, does Christmas have anything to do with the teachings of the Nazarenes? No, brothers and sisters, Christmas and Easter have nothing to do with the teachings of Iesus the Nazarene and the apostles; even if it was for his memory, we got the dates wrong; the satanic Christian church of rome overlaid its serpentine religious dates and its “Christ”. Jupiter, when it slaughters people on the altars of baal-peor in their inner temples;

These are dark times when our energy gets added to the secret human sacrifices made by the kings, merchants and priests who still worship ancient alien gods today; so, when humanity celebrates Christmas, we mourn for those who will be disappeared and slain on the altars of baal;

Subconsciously, we know this deep in our hearts; that is why in these false celebrations when we are with family and supposed to be happy we feel melancholy inside; we know its all wrong, yet we do as the Jones’ do;

Now, ask yourself what would a revolutionary such as Iesus do or say about this perversion?
The man that overturned the tables of the moneylenders?
The man who rebuked the Pharisees and lawyers?
The man that overthrew a hierarchical system? that even today, still falsely claims to have the keys to heaven and of souls; but, it is in truth the synagogue of satan; and, the antichrist sits on its seat of satan;

Despicable; while the poor mind-controlled masses will be celebrating while we mourn the millions upon millions that have been sacrificed; woe unto you scribes and Pharisees; you whited sepulchres; your time has come; selah

This is why blood diamonds are such a perfect gift, people; in a dark nd evil way; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, December 09, 2016

Nobody wants to give, or receive, a present tarnished by bloodshed and violence, but this Christmas, many people will end up with  blood on their hands.

Over one-fifth of diamonds on the global market in value terms are a significant source of funding for regimes guilty of the most grievous human rights violations.  If these diamonds were funding rebel groups they would, rightly, be considered blood diamonds and banned. But these blood diamonds evade all regulation, are labelled conflict-free and masquerade as ethical diamonds.

Successful fraudsters tell barefaced lies that are so audacious their victims cannot begin to believe or even suspect that anything is awry. This is precisely how the jewellery industry has conned the public and mainstream media into believing the trade in blood diamonds has ended even though the industry continues to launder $billions of blood diamonds every year.

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