Citigroup Whistleblower Charges Should Raise Red Flags at the Fed

However, that’s not all folks; CITIGROUP is one of the 4 “managers” of SOUTH AFRICA INC. a privately owned corporation, governing law New York, jurisdiction Delaware as stated on;

The hilarity of this Ponzi scheme is that by legal definition a corporation is defined as an inhabitant; however, it can only be an inhabitant of the country into which it is incorporated; this means, SOUTH AFRICA is not an inhabitant of the land of Southern Africa, but USA, wherever that may be; and, since 2008 all corporations fronting as countries are now ALL inhabitants of the UN; a one world order; the earth is under siege, people; the UN lords of war are moving the last pieces into place;

The seriousness of our predicament is that as an ex-vet, we see all the hallmarks of a global coup; 166 nations have already been swallowed by the 7 nations of the antichrist; the UN invasion is in place; their armies are in our countries; the law-of-war was abolished by the law-of-peace 2000 years ago; and, since then has the beast raged; the law-of-war has kept the earth under a permanent state of war; when, under ancient law it was always subject to the law of peace;

This permanent state of war is about to culminate into the bloodiest war ever; they intend to fulfil Revelations, people; this is not to scare you, but to prepare you; make sure your exodus is planned and in place; may the force be with us; even Francis warned us a year ago that soon will be our last Christmas;

We, on the other hand, believe the pen is mightier than the sword; and, in the same manner as the evil was bound, it is being loosed; in peace


Source: Wall Street On Parade, by Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Two days ago, a former Citigroup employee, Erin Daly, filed a 27-page lawsuit in Federal Court in Manhattan alleging gender discrimination and unlawful termination. On the same day, November 28, Daly simultaneously filed a complaint with the Department of Labor alleging she was retaliated against by Citigroup after she reported “violations of insider trading laws” to lawyers at the bank. It is illegal for U.S. banks to retaliate against whistleblowers.

According to the Federal lawsuit, less than two weeks after Daly reported the insider trading law violations to internal lawyers, she was terminated from the bank.

These are extremely serious charges against a mega Wall Street bank that would have gone belly up in 2008 had it not received $45 billion in equity infusions from the taxpayer, over $300 billion in asset guarantees from the government and more…

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