Citigroup Whistleblower Charges Should Raise Red Flags at the Fed

However, that’s not all folks; CITIGROUP is one of the 4 “managers” of SOUTH AFRICA INC. a privately owned corporation, governing law New York, jurisdiction Delaware as stated on;

The hilarity of this Ponzi scheme is that by legal definition a corporation is defined as an inhabitant; however, it can only be an inhabitant of the country into which it is incorporated; this means, SOUTH AFRICA is not an inhabitant of the land of Southern Africa, but USA, wherever that may be; and, since 2008 all corporations fronting as countries are now ALL inhabitants of the UN; a one world order; the earth is under siege, people; the UN lords of war are moving the last pieces into place;

The seriousness of our predicament is that as an ex-vet, we see all the hallmarks of a global coup; 166 nations have already been swallowed by the 7 nations of the antichrist; the UN invasion is in place; their armies are in our countries; the law-of-war was abolished by the law-of-peace 2000 years ago; and, since then has the beast raged; the law-of-war has kept the earth under a permanent state of war; when, under ancient law it was always subject to the law of peace;

This permanent state of war is about to culminate into the bloodiest war ever; they intend to fulfil Revelations, people; this is not to scare you, but to prepare you; make sure your exodus is planned and in place; may the force be with us; even Francis warned us a year ago that soon will be our last Christmas;

We, on the other hand, believe the pen is mightier than the sword; and, in the same manner as the evil was bound, it is being loosed; in peace

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