“Regime Change”? South Africa Targeted by Western Destabilization Efforts?

This is not true; we must speak the truth; Southern Africa was sold down the river; by the greedy and power hungry; we must look to a corrupt system that allows 1% to sell out the 99%; this hold true for every country and nation; in the case of Southern Africa, we have NO government; merely a corporation with franchises fronting as government; find sufficient moral evidence at https://abathembublog.wordpress.com/rsa-inc/

Counter Information

Global Research, November 22, 2016

Issues surrounding a minimum wage bill, education and services are being utilized in attempts to overthrow the African National Congress

South African President Jacob Zuma has come out publically to state that there are efforts underway by the West to undermine the African National Congress (ANC) government which has held power for over 22 years.

A myriad of challenges are facing the South African ruling party including an economic recession, the bringing of several allegations about corruption within the office of the presidency, a declining stock market and national currency along with increasingly worsening relations with the United States.

In Africa there are numerous examples from the post-colonial period of the last five decades where the intelligence and military apparatuses of the imperialist states have sought to reverse the forward progress of the masses of workers, farmers, youth and their leadership. In…

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2 thoughts on ““Regime Change”? South Africa Targeted by Western Destabilization Efforts?

  1. The destabilisation happened long, long ago, which is why we are in this mess. The puppets should admit it and they would be off the hook with the people, but that would piss off the cabal. The puppets are not in a good place, they need our prayers. B

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