The Bible as lawful defence against unlawful evictions, foreclosures, repossessions and rogue agents

The Holy Bible, King James Version 1611 as a lawful defence against unlawful court actions; and, in cases of evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, unlawful detention; etc.

Feel free to download text documents on over 30 topics with every proverbs and verse with lawful defence in mind; experience the Bible in from a whole new perspective; unlike other religions, the Bible is not only for Protestant Christians; anyone may make use of it;

Having the conviction and the faith is a bonus;



Before we continue, we first wish to thank a fellow scribe and brother known as “ÇÇarpus”, for making the Holy Bible  KJV 1611 available on pdf; without your effort these works would not be possible; at the end of ¶ The third Epiftle of Iohn. he left a note:

I, am ÇÇarpus, and was the First to put the 1611 onto software, in 2002, and delivered them to the local churches, and many places online, and told them that the Word was to be used to see into the future. And they said I was a heretic, and a baffoon. And I scoffed at their complete lack of understanding of the Power of the Word. I Bow, and giue Thanks, to the Holy One called: ÇÇhrist Almightie

Thank you, brother; without a pdf word search, a manual research would be impossible; and, much will be missed; selah

Also, deep gratitude to those who have carried us to complete the works for the new earth; in peace; bt


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