Hybrid Wars: Economic and Financial Strategies against Africa

Their plans are futile; we, the people have our own agenda; its called freedom; in peace

Counter Information

Part 8.1B

Global Research, November 19, 2016
Oriental Review 18 November 2016

Please read Introduction and Part 1A before this chapter.

Financial, Customs, And Economic Institutions

Other than the divisive military-security perspective and ‘dark scenario’ forecasting that’s been hitherto applied for understanding African geopolitics, there’s also the more unifying and positive approach of analyzing the continent’s financial, economic, and integrative institutions.

Financial Institutions:

Africa is home to two separate but very closely related currency unions, the West African Franc and the Central African Franc that are institutionalized under the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), both of which comprise former French colonies (with the exception of the erstwhile Spanish-held Equatorial Guinea in the latter) whose economic unit of trade is still directly controlled by Paris. The West African Monetary Institute (WAMI) incorporates the remaining countries in…

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