Pennymac Forgeries Produce Some New Law

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Pennymac tried to outwit the court system, succeeding at the trial level and then failing on appeal. The simple fact is that it is a rare instance where a party can lose a lawsuit based upon a forged instrument. The court will (and should) always find a way to deny such relief.

see sanabria-v-pennymac-mortgage-investment-trust-holdings-i-llc

Simple case. Closing attorney still had copy of the note — 5 pages. Pennymac sued on a 6 page note. Defendants denied that the note was real and denied they signed the document upon which Pennymac was relying. Pennymac said that Florida statutes required Defendants to file a cause of action to get rid of a forged document. The trial court agreed. The appellate court said no, the authenticity of the document and the signature is put in play once it is apparent to all that this the gravamen of the defense.

Florida Statutes 673.308.1 reads…

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7 thoughts on “Pennymac Forgeries Produce Some New Law

  1. So you are back from the pilgrimage. I shall do a piece if you so desire sir.
    Good to see Ron is still fighting the good fight. Onward and upward to all souls wanting to change the corruption for honour and sickness for health. Cheers B

    1. Hi Ron, thanks for asking; been in the deep matrix of word=spells; preparing to gather the indigenous leaders of the world to hear our cause; the longmarchtorome has failed; and, in the same manner this system is bund, we can loose it; see the latest post; going to make a call for volunteers; etc. blessings, bt

      1. Happy to hear from you!
        I pray for all truth seekers and that includes the indigenous elders to break the word-spell and exit the Age of Deception.
        I am convinced through grassroots effort the mass awakening can Starve The Beast!
        I look forward to mass boycotts and P2P community creation.

        “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.” -Matthew 10:26

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