9 thoughts on “The Disturbing Signs of Global Conflict Continue To Gather Pace

  1. LOL, good point:
    “You also know things are not good when the so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ from alternative media outlets eventually goes mainstream, and there’s no shortage”…

    I am questioning if any war campaign will be effective as the governments lose the support from the masses.
    Vietnam, may be seen as merely a warmup and mild sample of civil disobedience against a war campaign.

    1. Hey Ron. I think that humanity is waking up….. slowly, some of the mainstream news punters are human, LOL.
      We are controlled by psychopaths, and people are seeing it, it can no longer be hidden from those with half a brain.
      Mr Putin has patience and wants peace, they want war!
      Stay safe my friend B

    1. I saw that vid some months ago, Putin’s directness is very effective; too bad he doesn’t have more influence to transmit his comments over the MSM News networks.
      Do you think the government will take control of the Russian central bank?
      If so perhaps, that will be the trigger for direct NATO-Russia confrontation.

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