Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fiat, Hyperinflationary Collapse

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Source: Deviant Investor, by Guy Christopher, Money Metals Exchange

“Today’s best-selling government fairy tale is that debt is actually wealth, that countless trillions in paper and digital currency can be spread around the world without catastrophic societal upheaval.

The fantasy ignores sound money and belittles those who separate fact from fiction. This fable teaches the more unpayable the debt, the merrier.” [emphasis mine]

Do young Americans today know anything about economics?

No, they don’t, according to a study during the 2016 presidential primary season, which says lots of other Americans don’t either.

The survey found 58% of millennials favor government-run socialism (statistically 6 out of 10), while a nearly identical number (64%) don’t want government interference in free markets.

The incompatible findings make no sense, unless… Americans aged 18-24 simply don’t understand the real meanings of either concept.

Sadly, the study says that’s true of one-third of all Americans…

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One thought on “Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fiat, Hyperinflationary Collapse

  1. The world economy is in serious trouble and that is by design!

    Perhaps the most dire challenge to the globalists’ new world order is the threat of mass awakening as the masses share information over the internet.

    “It’s not the divisions over objectives and values that are the problem.
    It is that the process has been hijacked and sidetracked from the main strategic tasks that face the global economy and international community today.
    Printing and spending government money in various ways to pump up the global economy after the 2008 financial crisis was relatively easy compared to addressing the present malaise.
    Reliance on monetary policy to spur global growth is no longer a practical option.” -

    The above quote was concerning the recent G20 summit in China, I am thinking that if bank funds isn’t reliable then prepare for the escalation of world war…

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