Developing Countries Emulate The US, Turn Citizens Into Debt Slaves

This applies to Africa too; every time a ‘loan’ is made the banksters conjure the ‘money’ out of thin air via book-keeping entry; once a loan is made, the debt bubble can NEVER be properly offset/contracted; it adds to the national debt in a fraudulent debt-based economy operating under revolving foreclosure bankruptcy laws; resulting in runaway compound interest that can NEVER be paid back using the current global Ponzi scheme; money created via book-keeping entry [money of exchange] can never be paid by money of account; apples and pears;

ACTIONABLE FRAUD. Deception practiced in order to induce another to part with property or surrender some legal right; a false representation made with an intention to deceive; may be committed by stating what is known to be false or by professing knowledge of the truth of a statement which is false, but in either case, the essential
ingredient is a falsehood uttered with intent to deceive. Sawyer v. Prickett, 19 Wall. 146, 22 L. Ed. 105.

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