Crown Processes Continue To Abuse Māori

Without prejudice; Who or what is THE CROWN that it has ANY jurisdiction on the land? It is a foreign entity with foreign and private interests; and, it achieves it’s piracy under the law of the sea; how can the law of the sea have jurisdiction over the land? These are the questions we must be asking, if we wish to remove the shackles from the misnamed ‘age of discovery’; it was in fact the ‘age of robbery’ and continues to this day; the bar must be abolished; it has no jurisdiction over the law of the land; the law of the land is a superior jurisdiction to the law of the sea; and, like oil and water the two cannot mix; and, the bar crown courts use semantic deceit to garner the semblance of consent under the colour of law to commit barratry [piracy], personage and numerous other frauds; revoke it’s power and declare it null and void, back to its beginning; fraud vitiates everything; in peace

Te Wharepora Hou

Yesterday I was honoured to be a part of a group discussion about the ways in which Treaty settlement processes continue to deny our people the fundamental right to tino rangatiratanga. The group included people who are regarded by their whānau, hapū and iwi as leaders of deep knowledge and integrity. We each spoke of the imposed Crown process as abusive. This is something that has been raised by our people for many years.

Over the past 15 years I have worked alongside a wide range of Māori, Iwi and Community Providers undertaking research related to wellbeing for our people. Some of that work has focused upon Family Violence and Sexual Violence prevention and intervention. This work requires a deep analysis of power relationships and how they play out within relationships in ways where abuse and violence are perpetuated. Oppressive power relationships and acts of abuse are not limited to…

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