Loose canons on the field are of urgent concern

Correct; what corporate government is doing may not be lawful, but it is legal; we, the people give it power by registering to vote; we have to educate the others; in peace

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4f522-judge2banna   Judge Anna von Reitz

The “United States Government” is attending to its own affairs, not yours.

It is acting upon presumptions that people have allowed to stand—- specifically, millions upon millions have been hoodwinked into declaring themselves “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” without knowing what that means, just like we have stupidly signed—-under penalty of perjury—paperwork declaring that we are “Withholding Agents”.

Instead of going on a self-righteous rampage over our own stupidity, we need and I do mean NEED to educate ourselves about this circumstance and pull in our horns and correct our political status to reflect the fact that we are not “one of their citizens”. And then attend to setting up our lawful government to operate the land jurisdiction and operate our parallel government as long as it takes before the corporation collapses on its own.

Everyone has to understand that those…

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