A calamity is unfolding in Yemen and it is time world woke up

The culprits now act blatantly since 9/11; the truth will out; in peace

Stop Making Sense

Pete Oborne writes for Middle East Eye:

[…] Middle East Eye travelled to Yemen as part of our own assessment of breaches of humanitarian law by the Saudi-led coalition.

We discovered indisputable evidence that the coalition, backed by the UK as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, is targeting Yemeni civilians in blatant breach of the rules of war.

We saw evidence of the pitiless destruction of Yemeni homes by Saudi air strikes. We spoke to many of the survivors of these air assaults from the Saudi-led coalition, hearing harrowing stories of how they fled from their homes.

We also saw first-hand how the Saudis are carrying out sinister “double tap” air strikes.

This euphemism describes the practice of launching a preliminary strike, then launching a fresh attack when the emergency services come to pull the wounded from the rubble. This cruel strategy makes civilians victims twice over…

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2 thoughts on “A calamity is unfolding in Yemen and it is time world woke up

  1. A calamity is unfolding worldwide, so many examples of the ‘coalition’ and it’s war on terra, all coming soon to a street near you.. We are medicated and chemtrailed so we don’t notice, watch the game it will be on soon, just after the news…. sheeeesh. B

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