So true; however, it was we the people who gave our sovereign powers to a ‘sovereign state’ to take care of us and provide us with services because we are too lazy to do it ourselves; time to take our powers back and get involved in managing our own affairs; in peace

The Rio Norte Line


“The proper role of government is exactly what John Stuart Mill said in the middle of the 19th century in ‘On Liberty’…The proper role of government is to prevent other people from harming an individual. Government, he said, never has any right to interfere with an individual for that individual’s own good.”

~ Milton Friedman

If the reality of America was truly what progressives see in their mind’s eye, every single street would be filled with racial violence, crime and squalor – in essence all of America would look like inner city Detroit, the south side of Chicago or sadly, a city close to my heart – Memphis, Tennessee. Yet these fevered visions do become real in isolated microcosms only after decades of progressive Democrat control. It is no coincidence that all the cities noted above have been under the thumb of anti-free market progressive control for generations.

Being pro-people…

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