The Brazilian Economic Collapse Reaches Unprecedented Proportions

A clear example of how economic warfare is waged; in peace

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Global Research, September 01, 2016
Zero Hedge 31 August 2016

While the mainstream media was focused on today’s primetime Brazilian spectacle, namely Dilma Rouseff’s impeachment vote in the Senate, which passed as expected with a substantial majority permanently removing Rouseff from office and assuring that her replacement, Michel Temer rules until at least 2018 (unless the unpopular politician is also impeached in the meantime), what has gotten far less press is the ongoing devastation of the Brazilian economy which has failed to see even a token pick up in recent months despite the change in the ruling administration.

Here are the latest stunning updates.

According to the most recent economic data, the labor market continues to implode: the unemployment rate surged to 11.6% with the ranks of the unemployed topping 11.8 million (up from 8.6 mn a year ago) as the following chart from Goldman Sachs shows.

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One thought on “The Brazilian Economic Collapse Reaches Unprecedented Proportions

  1. Ouch, Venezuela, Argentina other economies are ailing too…
    Meanwhile the world war campaign is feverish and the monetary system reset has yet to implement the 70 year debt forgiveness requirement.

    I wish more individuals would discuss innovative alternatives such as P2P business, community currencies and farms.

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