Rubbing Noses in “IT”

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4f522-judge2banna  Anna von Reitz

I don’t usually believe in rubbing anyone’s nose in it to prove a point, but in this case, Larry Becraft really does deserve it.  A month or so ago he tried to pretend that the 1933 bankruptcy never happened.  It was all just a figment of my imagination.  When presented with the actual Executive Orders issued by FDR he continued to deny it and to mischaracterize the facts. He was also given numerous citations in the Congressional Records and all of Federal Title 5 as proof without recourse. 
This morning still more has come to light demonstrating what happened to lead up to the 1933 bankruptcy and crisis.  This is still more absolutely damning proof of fraud against the American People by international bankers, members of the bar, the British Government and members of the Hoover Administration.
And they are trying to pull exactly the…

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