What Life Will Be Like After An Economic Collapse: “Things Just Get Gradually Worse…”

It is a law of life that when problems arise there is a solution; the people must unite and stand up against tyranny; and, this will only happen when we are faced with a crisis; when the pressure gets turned up as it is now, maybe we will see some action; in peace


Source: SHTFPlan, by Megan Stewart

Editor’s Comment: We’ve reached the point where many people are starting to look around and get it. The economic collapse of 2008 wasn’t a fluctuation, a downtown of the cycle. It was a step down, a new normal for everyone to get used to. But acclimation has been difficult, and slow. People are still looking around for the familiar signs of stability, but something very important is missing.

The model has collapsed, and the net is closing in around everyone. The majority of people are experiencing difficulties making ends meet; many are becoming desperate, fed up and hopeless. What will the effect be a sustained, drawn out collapse? Everyone just left out to dry and be swept up into the collective.

These are the times when it would be wise to make rational, long term, cautious and conservative moves towards prepping for events where…

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