Zimbabwe Police Battle Anti-Government Protesters in Capital

Change is even in Africa as big mamma awakens; in peace


From ABC News


Armed Zimbabwean Riot Police confront a protestor during a demonstration in Harare, Friday, August, 26, 2016. The demonstration organised by opposition political parties calling for reforms is the first time that the fractured opposition has joined forces in a single unified action to confront President Robert Mugabes government. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe police battled anti-government protesters Friday with batons, tear gas and water cannons, despite a court order that police should not to interfere with the demonstration in the capital Friday.

The demonstration brought together at least 18 opposition parties and civic organizations and was quickly dispersed by police in Harare.

The protest marks the first time that Zimbabwe’s fractured opposition has joined in a single action to confront President Robert Mugabe’s government since 2007. Dubbed the “mega demonstration,” the protest was to include veteran opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Mugabe’s…

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