Worldwide Noncompliance To Stop World War:

Great post Ron; agreed: Now; immediately: we the people must take our countries back.

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Libya, Syria, Iran and who is next? Libya, Syria, Iran and who is next?

War Is BIG Business!
Search news about the governments and note the lack of diplomacy to stop the current wars.
As the wars in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere has continued over the years, now it is difficult to hear a call to end any of those military campaigns. Rather we hear of more strategic military activities drawing in Turkey, China, Russia, and other nations to join joint military operations.
The above are the exact ingredients required to escalate world war.

Book Cover for Pawns In The Game
Many have noted the evidence for concluding that this world war is about reforming the international monetary system.
Some individuals think one faction wish to remain with the current U.S. Dollar dominating the monetary system, while another faction is in opposition to the U.S. Dollar dominance has succeeded in forming the international monetary reform consensus.
Interestingly, all the Western nations areā€¦

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One thought on “Worldwide Noncompliance To Stop World War:

  1. Great post, loads of research went into this one.
    There are no countries, only us and them. The wars are the agenda. ‘We will have our new world order either by consent or conquest’…..The people obviously will NEVER consent.. B

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