Why A Name Change is Vital

While this may be one possible remedy, our experience is that courts merely change the rules of application, registration or submission; the three terms that grant the ptw ‘jurisdiction’ in the first place;

In Southern Africa we saved a family property by filing a common law express trust and within 3 months the rules were changed and one now has to first complete application forms (so they can screen reclaimants); as soon as there is too much movement in the name change department they will merely change the rules;

We say that our focus must be on placing the power of banking and rulemaking back into the hands of we, the people where it belongs; to ensure remedies we need constitutionally valid community courts without bar interference; the pivot of society is it’s lawmakers; the fraudulent bar legal system is the very problem with every law passed that promotes predatory capitalism and current order; in peace

in peace

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172a3-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

It is apparent that a lot of people are confused about the name change issue.
All you are doing is a perfectly routine adult name change.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing hard.  No arcane procedures.  No Voo-Doo.  Nothing.  Just a plain old name change in state magistrate level court.
You are changing the “style” of your name from all capital letters like this: JOHN MICHAEL DOE to upper and lower case form like this: John Michael Doe.
Why are you doing this?  The only explanation to the court is that you want your name to be expressed in its grammatically correct form.  JOHN MICHAEL DOE is not a proper name in English.  Period.
There isn’t a judge on the planet competent to argue otherwise.
In fact, if he or she attempts to argue it, you pull out your sturdy copy of

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