Thai referendum: Voters accept military-backed constitution

Referendums are powerful tools for change; ironic that in a constitutional state, the people of South Africa have not had a single referendum; and, no-one is asking why… in peace

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Thai voters have approved a junta-backed constitution in a referendum, preliminary results show, an outcome that paves the way for an election next year but will also require future elected governments to rule on the military’s terms.

Voters handed the junta led by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha a convincing win in its first major popularity test at the ballot box since it seized power in a 2014 coup.

With 94 per cent of the vote counted, early results from the Election Commission showed 61.4 per cent of Thais had voted for the charter, while 37.9 per cent rejected it. Full results are due on Wednesday.

The junta said the constitution is designed to heal more than a decade of divisive politics in Thailand that has dented economic growth and left scores dead in civil unrest.

But Thailand’s major political parties and critics of the Government say the charter will…

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