The 1965 Mass Killings in Indonesia: CIA Blames the Victims For Being Murdered

Now, Sukarno, Selassie, others from the non-aligned nations movement [NAM] and Kennedy were among those who were behind a debt jubilee and value-backed currency; much like Neil Keenan and Sughi of SwissIndo are attempting today; Eddi Soekarno is the securities intermediary today; Kennedy was assassinated days after he received the security certificates from Soekarno to reset the federal system; and, Suharto was supported to overthrow Soekarno to keep the fed in place; that’s the story behind this one; the pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place… we, the people are now knowing the truth; and, the truth is setting us free; in peace

Counter Information


Foreign Service Officer Richard Cabot Howland, who was stationed in Jakarta from 1965 to 1966 at the Embassy in Indonesia, in 1970 published an article in the classified internal journal of the Central Intelligence Agency, Studies in Intelligence (“The Lessons of the September 30 Affair,” Vol. 14, Fall 1970: pp.13–28). The article was approved for declassification and release to the public in 1994 by the CIA. It is available at the National Archives and Records Administration, RG 263, CIA Records, Studies in Intelligence. To date it is only one of two documents from the CIA’s internal journal that have been declassified about the involvement of the US in the 1965 coup and massacres in Indonesia. The other is an article written by John T. Pizzicaro (“The 30 September Movement in Indonesia,” Fall 1969) and the other by foreign service officer Richard Cabot Howland (“The Lessons of the September 30 Affair,” Fall 1970).

There, however, is a problem. Despite…

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