Could House of Lords block Brexit?

Of course the House of Lords of the Admiralty could block Brexit; almost the entire world is ‘administrated’ by CITY OF LONDON, a private secret society; EVERYTHING gets REGISTERED, that’s how; we are all under British Naval law-of-the-sea; our names are registered as ALL CAPS VESSELS, strawman trusts, and we are VASSALS, enemies in the field, under occupation; and, esquires, barristers, bachelors are ALL ranking knights of this global conquest; and, this mystery society is under the Vatican and all laws emanate from Rome, the inquisitions, the papal bulls; we live in an occult society where all is hidden in plain sight;

The fact is they have NO jurisdiction on the land; only the sea; and, they operate as legal fictions having no parity with the tangible; and, fraud vitiates everything; drive them into the sea, we say; they have no jurisdiction in the affairs of we, the people; their game is up; in peace

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The House of Lords could stall the process of Britain leaving the European Union – and may even attempt to scrap it, a Tory peer has said.

Baroness Wheatcroft says the unelected Lords is likely to delay any Bill to leave the EU, buying time for a movement in favor of a second referendum to build momentum.

Downing Street dismissed Wheatcroft’s comments, repeating its vague mantra “Brexit means Brexit.

The peer’s remarks come as a high-profile Brexit campaigner admitted the EU referendum result was a shock to the Leave campaign, which did not expect to win.

Former Sunday Telegraph editor Patience Wheatcroft said she hoped a pause in introducing Article 50 could lead to a second referendum and an eventual vote to stay in the EU.

If it comes to a Bill, I think the Lords might actually delay things. I think there’s a majority in…

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