Africa is becoming a borderless continent

There goes state sovereignty; now the AU will claim sovereignty; and, it is working for corporations; a corporation is also a ‘person’ and a ‘citizen’; easier to plunder countries this way; it is in essence contrary to the law of nations; in peace

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The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) has led some observers to believe that the EU’s vision of closer integration and creating a borderless continent is under threat. Some citizens in the EU countries have called on their countries’ political leadership to follow the footsteps of the United Kingdom, to leave the Union.

However, as this confusion is rocking Europe, the continent of Africa is pursuing vision to achieve what Europe seems to be abolishing. Africa’s continental body, the African Union (AU) has announced that it has launched for the first time, a single passport for all citizens on the continent. The AU consists of 54 countries. The only country in Africa, which is not part of the Union, is Morocco. Morocco opted out of the Union after the AU recognized Western Sahara as a sovereign nation, as Morocco claimed Western Sahara is part of its territory.


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