Swiss Gold Exports to the U.S. Have Never Been This High 

20 tons is not even a full meal for the beast called goldthirst and landhunger; its a takeaway; nothing can satisfy or save it, people; it has to consume itself by the tail; focus on and investigate alternative models, we say; in peace


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Make of this what you will, but apparently there has been a recent and drastic surge in gold imports to the United States. And strangely, it doesn’t seem to directly correlate with the gradual rise in the price of gold or theprice of silver that we’ve been seeing over the past year.

Most notably, gold exports from Switzerland skyrocketed in the month of May. For almost every month of the prior year, gold shipments from Switzerland hovered between 0 and 1.3 metric tons. Then in April they suddenly bumped up to 1.78 metric tons. In May they jumped to an astonishing 20.7 metric tons.

That is 50 times more than the monthly average. And when you look at yearly averages going back to the year 2000, you’ll find that there has never been this much gold flowing into the US from…

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2 thoughts on “Swiss Gold Exports to the U.S. Have Never Been This High 

  1. The results of the syphoning operation are being sent to the enemy to fund the war.
    There are no countries, I say again, only us and them. B

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