28Jul16 – Chances Are That You Have Never Been A “United States Citizen”

Have you stopped to read the legal definition of a CITIZEN lately? From Black’s Law Dictionary (8th edition):
CITIZEN, n.1. A person who, by either birth or naturalization, is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to enjoy all its civil rights and protections; a member of the civil state, entitled to all its privileges.

Look carefully at the words used:
Member (meaning that you must volunteer to become part of it)
Owing allegiance (you must agree to take and obey orders from them)
Entitled to CIVIL rights and protections [and] privileges (this means that they are supposed to provide you with services in return for peoples’ labour)

Now, ask yourself these three questions:
(i) Why does one need to be a member in order to get rights and privileges? Are they not already available freely and naturally?
(ii) Are people content to take and obey orders from any and all government officers without question?
(iii) What happens if people do not give them my permission and refuse to obey an unjust law?

Here are the answers:
(i) If we, the people have the power to vote someone in to create a law, then we also have that power to begin with. Many of the rights and privileges that are granted to members (like travelling on roads, insurance and access to water) are also available to non-members. The people need not be members to get these things. These are just marketing tricks of a global system of predatory capitalism to convince ‘we, the people’ to sign up.
(ii) Only members of bar associations and law societies are bound by the laws they write. If one is not a member of a political party, one is not bound by political rules either. If one is not an employee of a bank, then one is not bound by its regulations. The people have the right to accept agreements and contract when and with whomever you choose. They also have the power to rescind unfair contracts. We, the people are bound only by the laws of nature; that is all.
(iii) Nobody can enforce a law on the people without permission. If they try (and many of them will) then one is supposed to have a remedy in the law.

We, the people are in fact up against our own laziness to educate ourselves; such as our un-examined belief in money; the law does not protect those that slumber on their rights; and, we are up against a well-entrenched global crime syndicate run by national and international banks, “corporate government” providing “services” to the people and “political parties” that siphon off and benefit from plundering the people.

According to Gandhi, it is a sacred duty to disobey unjust laws by non-violent and non-cooperative methods; in peace

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