Geopolitical Chatter Indicates War In Europe Is Planned To Involve NATO & Russia:

Great educational post, Ron; especially the tax-mis-invoicing from South Africa; just before 1994 they “mis-invoiced” $237 trillion; we have financed more than half the world with gold and minerals while social security is $1,75 per day; we challenge anyone to try live on that; a crying shame, it is; in peace

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All Wars Are Bankers' WarsThis report is about current events, however this should be no surprise to readers of this blog.
World War is in the toolbox for the globalists’ worldwide hegemony.
-Don’t Blame The Bankers-
Because, when war or martial law is declared, paid, armed individuals will shout at you:

“Shut Up and Obey Orders!”

When I research, I have repeatedly found plans from think-tanks and political organizations that reveal their “silent war” agenda for world order (from market manipulation to public opinion manipulation to climate manipulation to genetic manipulation, such as GMO, Viruses, and more).
U.N., IMF, CFR, Bilderberg Group, BRICS, G-20, and other influential organizations are no accident with their geopolitical plans playing out on the unsuspecting public.

“When all else fails, they take you to war.” -Gerald Celente

Everyone should be aware that money is connected to all of society, and to research…

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3 thoughts on “Geopolitical Chatter Indicates War In Europe Is Planned To Involve NATO & Russia:

  1. Great insight, Ron is again right on the money… sorry couldn’t resist. The world has been set up for a very long time. They will have their new world order by consent or conquest… we must decide.
    The ‘refugees’ in EU are a part and Putin has been trying to warn the world, he is being cast as the bogeyman, when he is a true statesman and running out of patience. Just look at how close he placed his country to the NATO bases.
    Next we shall see the moronic military following orders. There are no countries, only us and them. 2017-2022. B

    1. LOL, Funny Money 😉
      Golden Rule: he who has the gold makes the rule.
      Thank you B.

      Will the mass populous break the rules?
      Disobedience and defiance to the rulers…

      1. Ron. Humanity has become cowardly, they do anything for security, and don’t want to rock the boat…. they cannot see the boat is rocking.
        Humanity want to vote and wave flags and rat each other out, twas always thus, unfortunately.
        If rules are unjust, it is our duty to break them. Do no harm, cause no loss, must be the whole of the law…. never ‘do what thou wilt’
        Be safe B

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