Democratic Republic of Congo Land Grabs: Plantation Company Pressures Farming Communities to Cede Land Rights

Africa land is not for sale! The land belongs to those who work it; and, the law of the place applies, namely customary law; the days of corporations plundering Africa is numbered; all people [even in Africa] are waking up; in peace

Counter Information

Feronia Inc., a Canadian-based Company Majority-owned by European and US Development Banks

By Grain
Global Research, July 25, 2016

Over the past few days, Feronia Inc., a Canadian-based company majority-owned by European and US development banks, has been pressuring local communities to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would endorse the company’s continued operation and expansion of oil palm plantations within their territories.

Despite severe pressure and intimidation, the communities have rejected the MOU and are appealing for international support to demand that Feronia respect their decision.

They are calling especially on the development banks or funds, which have a combined control of over 80 per cent of Feronia’s shares, to respect their own internal guidelines regarding the free, prior and informed consent of communities. The development institutions with investments in Feronia include: the CDC of the UK; the AFD and Proparco of France; the AECID of Spain…

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