There are some good points here, but legally we cannot claim the ALL-CAPITALS NAME; it is not your creation; it was created by the fiction called government; they are responsible for its debts; anyone can register a name even one sounding like yours;

There are so many remedies proposed now that it boggles the mind; the fact is that common-law juries and jural activists are spinning their wheels and not acknowledging the fact; we have filed a case before the ITNJ [which has been set down for October] to clarify exactly what the remedy for self-determination is; its a labyrinth of switch & bait, smoke & mirrors and word magick which confuse even us at times and we have a number of years under the belt;

We, the people are our own worst enemies; we do not come together, unite and act in unison; divided we shall fall; in peace

In Her Words

Posted on July 5, 2016
by David Robinson

“Registering” the ALL-CAPS VESSEL is the latest strategy taking over the “patriot community”. Rumors have it that, when you are “charged” in THEIR courts for any “violation”, you can show the Registration, and the case goes away. Because the man is then clearly separated from the artificial person (vessel) against whom the charges are actually brought.

The reason he registered in Minnesota, is because there is no Registered Agent requirement there. So the company address is in Nevada. Smart guy.

You still must make annual reports and pay an annual fee to the State. You can also do a “Doing Business As” (DBA) with your local county, but it is more involved, with requirements to publish notice in the paper for several weeks, Affidavit of Publication, business license and others.

We will keep monitoring this story, to see just how far this…

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