Who Me? Support the criminal impersonators?

Yes, Arnie; when we follow the money, we will find a few private shareholders with their hands in the cookie jar; if, we had to follow the paper trail of where original ‘federal’ or ‘state’ issued remittances, invoices and utility bills went (bills of exchange/money of exchange/negotiable instruments) we would uncover the largest money of exchange scam in history; the courts are selling original court orders meant to establish law as negotiable instruments; there is not a single original court order on court record since who knows when; all in violation of U.C.C. and Bill of Exchange laws; thanks to people such as you, the public are getting the best education:) blessings, bt

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So just to whose checking accounts do you think these extorted funds are deposited?  Does the gasoline station operator/owner even know?  Do you know?

The states of (your state) are franchises of the corporation in Washington, D.C. is misrepresenting itself as the government of the American people.

Washington, D.C., The smoking gun; do you get it?

Fuel Tax 2016-07-14_03-07-04_PM

And by the way…

Every beverage you purchase includes this disguised tax.  And have you ever demanded a reconciliation of the accounts?

Regionalism – Taxation with no representation.

Recycle Tax 2016-07-14_03-08-18_PM

Voila_Capture 2016-07-17_04-37-13_PM

And speaking of Coke…who is paying for the incentive for Coke to promote A21?

Coke 2016-07-14_01-59-17_PM

And the list of those complicit grows every day as they are exposed.  How about this group (not a law but a circular):

Voila_Capture 2016-07-17_04-46-09_PM

Maybe you had better look into more of the story…Just a suggestion mind you…

Would you buy a used car from the IRS?

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