Baton Rouge Another False Flag!

We looked at 3 photos and 2 min of video clip and we could see no blood, no broken bones, just neat clean people all lying in one direction (two truck wide); the powers-that-were are doing it on purpose so that the awake can see the theatre and realise what is really going down; if they are doing this then we are in the final phase of tribulation to global martial law; almost ready now; in peace



At first the news reports multiple shooters, then the reports transform to one DEAD lone gunman. This is the modus operandi for these false flags which are orchestrated to mold public opinion, in this case our world would be better off without guns, is the hard sell at play.  Isn’t it surprising that with over 2 MILLION CCTV Cameras deployed in the United States, we never get photos or video of the shooter in action???

The news is now talking about echoes that make the number of shooters difficult to pin down, how convenient. Exactly like the claim of echoes in the JFK assassination audio, too many shots in the audio for only Oswald’s single rifle.  You can bet it’s another AR-15 also, it seems they are worried about American’s having this particular rifle during martial law.

Yes there is a possibility of copycat shooters (they would love this)…

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