German MP: US is a threat to European peace, not Russia

Someone with some un-common common sense; in peace

2012 The Awakening

Tuesday, 12 July 2016
sara-640x427-640x400You’re not going to see this on CNN.

A German MP has blasted the United States as the most dangerous country in the world, certainly the biggest danger to European peace – says MP Sahra Wagenkhneht in a speech in German Parliament which was frequently interrupted by applause.

“Today, on the exact anniversay of the 75th year of the German attack on the Soviet Union, very close to the Russian borders we’re seeing military exercises, allegedly defensive, in which German soldiers take part”.

 “The Americans are placing nukes in Germany, supposedly to counter Putin’s aggression in the Baltics. Do the Americans seriously expect us to believe in such stupidity?” asked Mrs. Wagenknecht to an applause from other MPs.
When few of Merkel’s MPs asked Mrs. Wagenknecht why is Russia moving its borders and conducting military maneuvers, the German MP responded – Isn’t this what NATO…

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