‘Consent’ Without Being Stated – The Great CON of Man

Nice and simple; well stated; thank you; in peace

UN-Consent Blog

Hi and welcome to http://unconsentblog.wordpress.com

This Blog unmasks the great CON of man, not found in some secret society, or cleverly hidden in a picture or symbol. The great CON of man is hidden within just one tiny word, consent.

The purpose of http://unconsentblog.wordpress.com is to raise awareness with people who want to slide back into the driver seat of their life. If you want the right to your life, freedom, greater well being, property, happiness, justice, peace, fair-care-share, and what makes your heart sing, set your intention for it to be so, and make a commitment now.

Begin with a free subscription to http://unconsentblog.wordpress.com and advance with others taking our lives back wisely, peacefully, and competently.

While the 99% would like to believe we are totally victimized by the ruling 1%, the Truth is we gave our consent. To free ourselves requires a vast number of humans to become more aware, UN-Consent to…

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