Thanks for the heads up; see that Anna took note of 11 July too; in peace

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Estate Claim Letter: Notice of Beneficiaries

July 11, 2016


Estate Claim Complete and Forwarded to Pope Francis — Read It and Finally Understand What Has Been Done and By Whom.

Estate Claim Letter
Notice of Beneficiaries

July 11, 2016
His Holiness Francis
00120 Vatican City State, EUROPE

Most Beloved Francis,
We write to you today regarding settlement of all debts owed to the True God, to the actual Universal Church, to us, our family, our countrymen and to all people of this world. It has been three years since you issued your Motu Proprio.

It is written that when what is true comes, what is false must pass away.

It is also written that Satan is “the Father of All Lies” so that there can be no doubt where lies come from and the ultimate fate of those falsehoods.

It is also written that…

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