Fun is not the F-Word for Preppers

Thanks for reminding us; having fun and being frivolous ought to be par for the course; even while the sky falls on our heads; we never see a wild thing feel sorry for itself; in peace


Source: The Organic Prepper, by Daisy Luther

Lately, it seems like you can’t find a speck of good news everywhere. Everyone in the country is beginning to figure out how rigged the game actually is, as Hillary Clinton skates yet again on crimes she committed.  Meanwhile, people are shooting other people because of the color of their skin, the uniform they wear, or who they love. Heck, sometimes they don’t even need a reason, which is why good people need to be able to defend themselves.

On social media, the arguments have become vicious. People are becoming even more stressed and anxious after logging into Facebook hoping to see cute puppy pictures. Instead, they’re watching their friends rip each other apart over differences of opinions. And these opinions? They’re only based on what little we get to see in the news. Oh – and to ice the chaos cupcake…

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