VIDEO African Union Unveils Biometric Passport for New World Order – Putin Desperate WARNING of WW III

Thanks for heads up on the African biometric system; it is definitely intended to get African state sovereignty out the way and to our resources; we, the people have other plans; in peace

Reclaim Our Republic


July 7, 2016 by Alex Newman

Africa’s would-be rulers appear to be just as tone deaf and out of touch as the so-called “eurocrats” rebuked last month. As the European Union faces potential disintegration after the historic British “Brexit” vote to exit the EU super-state, the so-called “African Union” is still plowing full-speed ahead with undemocratic regional government. Most recently, the outfit unveiled a plot to erase borders and provide a single African passport to every “African citizen” that includes biometric data. Other extreme attacks on nationhood and self-government are also in the works as the continent and its peoples are herded into what internationalists often refer to publicly as their “New World Order.”

The controversial supranational regime, ostensibly dominated by African dictators but being imposed largely by Western powers and the brutal dictatorship ruling Communist China, has in recent years usurped vast powers, including the creation of…

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