Rule by Ponzi

He he; love it when Ponzi scheme is mentioned in inconvenient places:)


Source: Rogue Money

Earlier this week, UKIP London member Gerard Batten sat cross-armed at the European Parliament and began his justified spitting at George Soros across the room. To achieve even greater dramatic effect, he ripped off his headphones and locked eyes with the wrinkled old reptile and uttered these words:

“You say Brexit will result in a financial crisis. Yes, we can expect one to be deliberately engineered by the crooks at Goldman Sachs and various other financial institutions because I predicted that long before the vote. There is a real crisis looming, however, that has nothing to do with Brexit. There is a financial crisis that is coming anyway. And that is because the Eurozone and most of the public finances of European countries are nothing but gigantic Ponzi schemes which are heading for a crash…. And by the way, however big this crisis is, I’d be surprised…

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