How to Become Politically and Socially Free with Sacha Stone and Nathan Crane

Well worth watching; in peace

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“Having a tea party in a prison cell and getting off on it.” That’s some quote.

Sacha Stone – New Earth Nation

How to Become Politically and Socially Free

How being and doing relate to time and space, fear and desire and duality itself, so long as they are not enjoined. Taking the subject further – exploring how synthesizing being and doing equates to sovereign expression and consciousness-in-action, therefore availing to us the alchemy of manifestation in the temporal realms. Claiming ones true voice, owning ones expression and no longer asking for permission as the new credo for spiritual and conscious evolution.

Sacha is Founder of Humanitad, the NewEarth Project, and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. While he’s outspoken against the centralization of power and of multilateral institutional manipulation, Sacha Stone produced the MDG Awards ceremony on…

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