Immigrants imprisoned to boost US prison-corporation profits

Imprisonment is the last vestige of an antiquated system inherited from the unholy (don’t)see and it just does not work; instead, it is a licence to hold ransom the ALL CAPITALIZED NAME which got the poor souls into trouble in the first place: by admitting to that NAME, that slave bond certificate;
Now, the prison pirates claim administration over the strawman trusts held in captivity; and, more than half the prisoners are there for crimes that are not lawful crimes at all; just because it’s legal that does not make it lawful; the presumption of liberty is an inalienable rights; and, true justice is seeking reconciliation and NOT retribution; that’s passe; instead of punishing the abuser, we must rather focus on ensuring the harm and loss ceases on the victim; THE STATE is a legal fiction and cannot be a ‘victim’; most of the prisoners are victims of decit and fraud and because they did not comprehend the subject-matter-jurisdiction; we say abolish prisons and rather look to the cause: a system of artificial man-made poverty and economic equality and slavery; in peace

Follow The Money


93% of the people who are locked up in the U.S. in order to meet the minimum legal requirements for the number of people who must be locked up on possible violations of U.S. immigration laws, are locked in for-profit prisons, which are owned by corporations that heavily fund a few politicians, including Hillary Clinton.

That 93% finding was published on June 20th, in a study by the Center for Constitutional Rights, titled, “Banking on Detention: Local Lockup Quotas and the Immigrant Dragnet”.

Ghita Schwartz, Senior Staff Attorney for CCR, said, in releasing the report: “Almost all guaranteed minimums are found in facilities that contract with private prison companies, and ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] actively collaborates with these companies to keep details of their contracts secret.”

On 28 April 2015, the Washington Postpublished an article, “How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is…

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