Freedom from Governmental Corruption is a Human Right

“United we stand” divided we fall; in peace

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By William Hudson

Expecting the United States Government, a for-profit entity, to enforce its own laws against the banks will likely not happen. Numerous leaders and officials of the United States Inc. have already admitted that the banks write the rules. Since the 2008 collapse-the lack of response, the gross violations of due process and the overall impotence of the judiciary, law enforcement and regulatory agencies clearly demonstrates who the U.S. government caters to- and it is not the American homeowner or taxpayer.

Although law does not, at the present time, regard official or governmental corruption as a human rights violation there can be no doubt that inside corruption is as life altering an event as rape, robbery, discrimination or other acts deemed to be illegal and against public policy. Allowing a bank with no standing that has not paid a dime for a property, to foreclose with fabricated documents…

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